Program of the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT's interventions

A water professional open to dialogue, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT will be actively contributing to forty organised debates during the week of the 6th World Water Forum. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT will make the most of its experience to present some 15 solutions. Find below some of the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT program interventions and download the Solutions Flyers related.

MARCH 13, 2012

  • “Good Governance and Sustainable Financing: a Strong Nexus to Address”
     17h – 19h – CS1 (et CS2) – Thierry Mallet, Directeur Général adjoint en charge de l’international, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, presents “Governance” Multistakeholders Session.
    Download the solution flyer “Governance”


MARCH 14, 2012


MARCH 15, 2012

  • “All for One, One for All – Integrating Surface and Groundwater Management Practices for Healthy Water-Dependent Ecosystems”
    8h30 – 10h30 – 3.1.2 – Mme Lopez-Jollivet, Présidente du Syndicat d’eau et d’assainissement, presents geofiltration.
  • “HLP – Water and green growth”
    11h – 13h – Animated by Bernard Guirkinger of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.
    Download the solution flyer High level panel water and green growth
  • “Using Non-Conventional Water of Lower Quality for Agriculture and Aquaculture”
    11h – 13h – 2.2.4 – Rich Nagel, General Manager de West Basin, presents “Re use” from West Basin
    Download the solution flyer West Basin
  • “Promoting green growth and valuing ecosystem services: recommendations and messages for Rio+20″
    14h30 – 16h30 – 2.4 – Béatrice Arbelot, Technical Vice-President de SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, presents a synth session about the green growth.
    Download the solution flyer Energy efficiency


MARCH 16, 2012

  • “Making Commitments and Mobilising Resources for Integrated Sanitation – Achieving Improvements at Scale”
    8h30 – 10h30 – 1.2 – Matías Desmadryl Lira, Director General de Aguas de Chile, “Access to Sanitation” Closing session
    Download the solution flyer Santiago 2