Projects and key figures

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT offers high-performance solutions to help its customers become environmental performance leaders in their sectors. In France and internationally, the Group enables them to control all waste businesses, from collection to recovery. For details, see the key figures and highlights.

Our key figures: ongoing efforts to improve waste recovery

In 2011, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT helped to reduce the impact of waste on the environment through its collection, treatment, recovery and disposal services. At present, 57 million people benefit from the Group’s waste collection services. In addition, the Group treated 42 million metric tonnes of waste generated by its 430,000 industrial and trade customers in 2010. Over the same year, it produced 11.3 million metric tonnes of secondary raw materials.

To achieve those results, in 2010, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT had:

    • 130 operating storage centres,
    • 120 composting units,
    • 154 hazardous waste facilities,
    • 47 non-hazardous waste incineration units (of which 46 can recover energy),
    • 645 sorting centres.

2010 highlights: improving waste recovery on a continuous basis

Covering the entire waste cycle, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT endeavours to limit the environmental impact of waste treatment and strives to extract the maximum amount of resources from the waste.

    • France : On 1 February 2011, SITA France commissioned a household waste incineration unit in Paris, under a 6-year contract totalling €210 million. This unit, which has a treatment capacity of 670,000 metric tonnes of waste per year, handles the household waste of 15 municipalities in the Paris region and 12 Paris districts, covering over 1.2 million people.
    • United Kingdom :

- SITA UK was entrusted with the management of waste recovery and disposal for the county of Suffolk. The contract totals £1 billion over 25 years, for the design, construction, financing and operation of an energy-from-waste unit with a capacity of 269,000 metric tonnes per year.

- In 2011, SITA UK also signed a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract worth €825 million over 25 years with the South Tyne and Wear Waste Partnership. The latter represents the local communities of Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland. This contract concerns the management of 190,000 metric tonnes of residual household waste per year. It provides for the design, construction, financing and operation of an energy-from-waste unit in Teesside. With a capacity of 256,000 metric tonnes per year, this plant will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of some 30,000 homes.

    • Poland: SAFEGE acquired 100% of the share capital of engineering firm Conseko-BBM, specialising in water, sanitation, the environment and waste treatment.
    • Australia: SITA Environmental Solutions acquired the waste treatment activities of WSN Environmental Solutions from the government of New South Wales, Australia’s most densely populated state, for a total of €174 million. This acquisition comprises 3 storage centres, 2 advanced recovery facilities, 5 composting units, 8 transfer centres and 3 recycling units.
    • The Netherlands: in 2011, SITA launched ReEnergy, one of the world’s most modern energy recovery plants. It produces enough power to supply electricity for 70,000 households.