Reducing our environmental impact

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With waste storage centres, composting centres, waste collection and other such activities, the management of waste has a certain impact on the environment. For SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, reducing the impact of its activities on ecosystems is a priority.

Waste management: setting up a responsible waste management policy

Aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has set up proactive and responsible measures aimed at:

      • protecting biodiversity by adopting detailed action plans for each of its waste treatment units,
      • preserving air quality by reducing the amount of air pollutants released by its facilities and using cleaner vehicles for waste collection,
      • reducing greenhouse gas emissions by recycling raw materials and turning waste into energy, thereby producing alternative, partly renewable energy,
      • respecting landscapes by ensuring that its facilities (waste incineration plants and storage centres) blend into the local environment,
      • reducing noise by modernising its fleet of waste collection vehicles,
      • controlling odours by improving waste treatment processes, and by using innovative techniques to capture and destroy the odours produced.

Supporting manufacturers

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT favours solutions which improve the environmental performance of manufacturers. In this way, they can adapt to changing regulatory and economic contexts.

The increasing number of legal requirements, the rise in raw material and energy prices, and the increasing volume of specific types of waste require significant investments and appropriate technical expertise.

Thus, 430,000 manufacturers and trade customers rely on SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT to assist them in the recovery of their waste.

The Group offers tailored solutions to protect the resources of businesses, optimise their consumption, control their costs, ensure the security of their production facilities, and improve the traceability of their waste.