Our commitment to the climate

Fighting against climate disruption is an absolute priority

In its Sustainable Development Road Maps for 2008-2012, and then 2012-2016, the Group already set its own targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and preserve water resources.

 Today, SUEZ is making 12 new commitments for climate that aim to:

  • continue the efforts to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint;
  • promote the circular economy model that structurally reduces greenhouse gas emissions and protects natural resources;
  • adapt to the consequences of global warming on water.


These 12 commitments are based on 3 pillars:

Mitigate the causes of climate change

SUEZ new commitments for 2020 and 2030 cover its worldwide water and waste activities and strengthen the climate and energy commitments that were already included in the Group’s road maps (2008-2012 and 2012-2016) for its activities in Europe. 


Adapt to the consequences of climate change on water

By 2035, 40% of the world’s population will live in regions suffering from water stress. This is one of the consequences of climate change. But water rhymes with development, food, agriculture and health. SUEZ believes that water should be dealt with on an equal footing with energy, which is the reason why SUEZ is also making commitments to water.


Act for the implementation of climate reponsible models

If the reduction of GHG emissions and the preservation of resources are to last, then they must be part of new economic and social models, which decouple growth from the consumption of resources. The design of these new models demands collective action based on open attitudes, experiments, the crossing fertilization of expertise and education.


Download our commitments and solutions for the climate brochure for more information