Work together on solutions and have an open dialogue with our stakeholders

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    Idées Neuves sur l’eau, a collaborative platform launched in 2010 by Lyonnaise des Eaux, where internet users and experts share their thoughts on the future of water. Assessment and Outlook.

  • The Foresight Advisory Council (FAC)

    Discover the innovative system developed by the Group to promote structured and constructive dialogue with stakeholders.


Achieving the transition towards a green economy is not only a question of knowledge and eco-technologies. It also involves bringing about change in project governance, in order to optimise their suitability to the needs of regions and their environmental, economic and social performance, thanks to an initiative to work together with our stakeholders.

On the strength of this conviction, we are committed to involving our clients in the creation of new solutions, and developing contracts which establish a joint decision-making process, as well as sharing the risks and benefits between the two parties.

In addition and in response to a legitimate aspiration towards more local democracy and transparency, we are committed to offering local authorities our experience in the fi eld of local dialogue, and to providing access to information for the users of our services, thereby enabling them to make an informed decision.

Lastly, we are committed to enhancing our focus on active dialogue with all our stakeholders, from consultation meetings at site level to stakeholder sessions organised at Group level to improve the suitability of our strategy for the expectations of civil society.


Progress objectives

  • Propose to the authorities implementing dialogue structures with stakeholders during the signing of new contracts of considerable size (towns with over 300,000 inhabitants).
  • Systematise, for complex industrial site projects with major regional importance, dialogue upstream with all stakeholders, and on each occasion perform an advanced analysis of the regional impacts (indicator: number of debates and public meetings).
  • Regularly organise stakeholder sessions at Group level, with a view at involving NGOs, elected representatives and experts in the development and evaluation of our Sustainable Development policy.