Improve customer satisfaction and trust

  • EDELWAY in pictures

    SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has designed Edelway to offer its clients efficient ways of reducing the energy consumption of their installations, recovering energy and claiming biomass.



Our ambition is to combine “custom-built” innovation and operational excellence, with a view at not only delivering high quality services but also at developing innovative solutions with our clients and stakeholders which respond to their new concerns.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is committed to the quality of service of its activities. A growing number of contracts include time-sensitive and quantifi ed objectives regarding environmental performance and quality of service. This new generation of contracts promotes stronger relationships with clients based on trust, in a partnership-based approach.

Besides the technical efficiency and operational performance of the services implemented, the quality of the relationship with the end client plays an integral part in the quality of service. Reception, transparency of information, rapid request handling, etc. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s ambition is to be noted for the quality of its everyday services, as well as for the expertise which is at the core of its business.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is committed to putting into place and regularly monitoring all of its Water and Waste entities, with indicators to measure client satisfaction, and, based on the results, to implement the appropriate actions for improvement.


Quantitative objectives

  • Aim for a client (consumers) satisfaction rate of 80% in the Water activities.
  • Aim for a client (companies and local authorities) satisfaction rate of 80% in the Waste activities.

Progress objective

  • Increase the number of contracts including environmental performance objectives and quality of service.