Help our clients to optimise the management and recovery of their waste

  • Circular economy: and waste becomes a new raw material

    A "circular economy" is where reusable material is claimed from waste. Overview of the new mindset driving sustainable development.



Today we offer a wide range of solutions which allow for not only the collection and sorting of waste, but also its recycling and recovery, thereby promoting a circular economy of materials.

In partnership with our clients, we develop solutions which promote the production and use of high quality secondary raw materials.


Upstream from the waste cycle, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT also acts, through industrial partners, to promote methods of production and sustainable consumption (ecologically sensitive design, recyclability of products, sharing of expertise).

Transforming waste into alternative energies is also an essential task. We are committed to boosting the production of energy created through the incineration of waste and the recovery of biogas in storage centres.

However, not all materials can be recycled indefi nitely. We therefore continue to develop our expertise for the treatment of residual waste in facilities of a high environmental quality.


Quantitative objective

  • By 2016, to achieve a ratio in Europe of 2 metric tonnes of waste allocated for recovery for every 1 metric tonne of waste disposed.

Progress objective

  • Develop production and marketing channels for solid subtitution fuel.