Innovate to develop our activities

Priority 1: Innovate to develop our activities and assist our clients in becoming leaders in terms of economic and environmental performance


As our businesses are at the core of the transition towards a green economy, we are mobilising our expertise and capacity for innovation to develop solutions which optimise the management of major water and waste cycles.

Through this, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT helps its clients develop and implement tailored and sustainable solutions. Focused mainly on waste recovery and optimising the use of resources in water, these solutions are provided to all our clients – regional authorities, towns, farmers, industrial customers and users – in the improvement of their environmental performance and in their saving initiatives and risk management, by striving to achieve the optimum level in terms of economic, environmental and social competitiveness.

Our ambition is to boost our dynamic for innovation to develop new solutions with significant economic and environmental benefits, also synonymous with quality of service and reducing the impact on natural environments and resources. This dynamic is not only based on the Group’s expertise and innovation potential. For it to be fully effective, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT intends to work more closely with all its stakeholders, with a view to working together in order to build the solutions for tomorrow.