Quality of life at work


Managers are the drivers for employee commitment

The Group’s British subsidiary, which is convinced that the commitment of its employees is key to its performance, has been implementing an active policy in this field for several years. An initial commitment survey, “U-Say,” was carried out among its 5,500 employees in 2011, in partnership with Best Companies, a company that specializes in employee motivation. The conclusions of this survey, which were very encouraging overall, highlighted the central role played by managers. Initiatives involving managers were prioritized, assessment meetings were made systematic, and new benefits were introduced for employees. The commitment programs introduced now include an electronic performance indicator that gives managers access to the results achieved by the members of their team. They can therefore identify and target personal commitments more accurately with those employees. This program will be fine-tuned once the new “U-Say” follow-up survey has been carried out in the autumn of 2014.


SEAAL (Algeria)

“Employees’ comments” (continued)

Following the internal “Employee Comments” (2011) and “Comments from Young Employees” (2012) surveys, which were aimed at all Société des Eaux et de l’Assainissement de la ville d’Alger’s entities, the General Management and the employee representatives introduced tangible measures to improve employee commitment. SEAAL, to which SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is linked through a management contract, has planned to develop managerial practices for management via the “Optimizing Personal Talents” program; it must also take more account of the expectations of young employee groups, i.e. apprentices and young hires. The employee recognition process, which is based on compensating individual and collective performance, is also a major driver for involving the teams.


Lydec (Morocco)

Mapping employees’ expectations

In 2012, Lydec launched a wide-ranging process aimed at listening to all its employees as part of its new Synergies 2020 corporate project. The employee participation rate amounted to 92%. This survey enabled a detailed map of employees’ expectations to be drawn up and strong points and areas for improvement to be identified, which have now been fully incorporated into human resources’ strategic projects. Various action plans are currently being implemented, primarily in the employee relations and compensation areas. This initiative, along with Lydec’s commitment to workplace health and safety and its anti-discrimination policy, has been recognized by the non-financial rating agency Vigeo, which awarded Lydec the title of “Top performer in CSR” for 2013.