Open dialog with stakeholders

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT / Degrémont (Australia)

Shared governance

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s activities are progressively falling into new types of contracts, particularly in Australia with the Alliance model in Perth and Adelaide. These public-private partnerships are based on shared governance and management through structures that bring together representatives from each of the contractual parties: private operators and the state water utility. This type of contract also provides for the sharing of risks and benefits between the operator and the customer. This type of partnership, based on an ongoing process of co-development, fosters a shared, long-term vision and an equal access to skills and techniques.


Lyonnaise des Eaux (France)

A “Design Thinking” approach to municipal water

Since 2012, the Lyonnaise des Eaux Regional Rhône Alpes Auvergne Company has tested a “Design Thinking” approach with its local authority customers. This method which consists of making new products and services emerges from the expectations and behaviors of service users. First, the team of designers gathered the reactions and expectations of the residents and stakeholders of a district regarding the issue of “Water, Nature, and the City of Tomorrow.” Following this consultation process, and with no prior censorship, the team tested around 20 service proposals on a panel made up of experts, elected local officials, regional department managers, as well as heads of voluntary organizations, economic operators, and residents from the entire region. Following this trial stage related to the projects’ social acceptability, about 10 of them were investigated by Lyonnaise des Eaux experts. Six projects resulting from this initiative are currently being turned into service offers in areas as varied as the promotion of urban biodiversity, the management of the total water cycle, water in the city landscape, and the promotion of eco-citizenship.

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Design thinking in video


SITA Australie

A program to support social solidarity initiatives

SITA Australia has created a new program known as “SITA Community Grants” in order to structure its support to social inclusion initiatives. This program, which was launched in October 2013, provides local voluntary organizations with a single platform for their funding requests. It is aimed at allocating available funds in a fairer and more transparent manner. Donations are made twice a year and range between AUD 500 and 5,000. They are intended to support local activities as well as citizens involvment in local, social or environmental projects that have a positive impact on sustainable development. The first call for financing closed on January 31, 2014, and the projects selected were announced in March.

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