Employees development

Sino French Water (China)

Training for the challenges of tomorrow’s activities

Sino French Water, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and of NWS Holdings, its Hong Kong partner, serves a population of 15 million inhabitants in about 20 Chinese urban districts. To meet its development targets and improve its staff’s working conditions, SFW organized health and safety training sessions between February and April 2013. Over 600 of its 5,000 employees took part in these training sessions on the ISO 50001 training standard, as well as on information and communication technologies.


SEAAL (Algeria)

The transfer of know-how is central to the contractual relationship

Employee training is one of the key points in the human resources policy implemented by Société des Eaux et de l’Assainissement de la ville d’Alger, which is linked to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT through a management contract. The company has introduced an innovative training approach in order to establish the process of transferring know-how, which is central to the management contract, and to promote its experts. Fifty-three percent of the training is provided by internal trainers who simultaneously carry out their professional duties. Thanks to this approach, SEAAL provides almost 20,000 days of training to its employees every year.



Training: A tool to support the company’s strategy

Training facilitates the transmission of knowledge and core values in the organization. It helps to develop employees’ talents with a view to achieving Agbar’s strategic objectives. Employees receive an average of one week of training per year, through agreements that Agbar has signed with recognized universities.

The training program is open to all employees and is tailored to individual professional needs, with offerings such as “Leadership as a Woman,” “Getting Things Done, project management and risk management.” All such training programs are integrated into employees’ performance evaluation plans.