Customer satisfaction

SEAAL (Algiers)

Becoming the public service reference for customers

La Société des Eaux et de l’Assainissement de la ville d’Alger (SEAAL), which is linked to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT through a management contract, has developed an original approach to boosting its employees’ customer culture. First, the entire staff, i.e. 6,100 people, took part in a halfday session aimed at raising their awareness of customer satisfaction issues. The employees then made a personal and written commitment to improve at least one of their daily practices that affects customer satisfaction. The 10 most symbolic commitments resulted in the “Top 10 Amana,” which supports employees in this training and accountability initiative, in order to take greater account of customers’ requirements and expectations.


SITA (France)

Developing a customer confidence indicator

Beyond the conventional customer satisfaction survey already used by numerous companies, SITA France has taken an additional step by designing a confidence indicator. The indicator was tested in 2012 and was extended to all its customers, companies, and local authorities in 2013. The design of the indicator is based on three ways of listening: an online questionnaire, telephone interviews, and face-toface meetings held by employees with strategic customers. Once it has analyzed the results, the company draws up action plans to be implemented every year. Various initiatives are already underway, including improving the handling of customer requests, developing a new presentation of the offers, and strengthening the relationship between the operating departments and customers.



Listening to customers to improve performance

Each year, Degrémont launches a global project to gather feedback from customers and measure their satisfaction in order to continuously improve its business processes. The analysis is carried out on a contract-by-contract basis. The results of the 2012-2013 campaign indicate that Degrémont is perceived by the customers surveyed as a company that serves its customers (89%), is innovative (92%), takes sustainable development into account (91%), and meets its commitments (97%).