The circular economy as a vector for business development and support for sustainable growth

As a major global operator in the Waste sector, SITA has drawn up a Roadmap including 10 commitments for the 20122016 period. Industrial ecology and contributing to the sustainable city are the cross-cutting themes of this Roadmap, which includes topics such as innovation, employee training, and co-constructing solutions with all the company’s stakeholders. Each commitment is accompanied by dated and quantified targets that reflect strong environmental resolve. These include achieving the ratios of two metric tons of waste recovered for every one sent to landfills and eliminating two metric tons of greenhouse gas for every one emitted across the Group’s European consolidation scope by 2016. SITA’s sustainable development strategy also involves non-quantified improvements such as the general use of satisfaction surveys, a better dissemination of know-how, increased dialog with stakeholders, and support for local employment and development.