Lyonnaise des Eaux


An approach that is fully incorporated within the company’s strategy

Lyonnaise des Eaux’s Sustainable Development Policy has been incorporated within the company’s overall strategy and formalized by dated and quantified commitments since 2006. At Lyonnaise des Eaux’s request, the state of progress of these commitments is assessed on an annual basis by a third party, namely Vigeo, the non-financial rating agency, and the results of this assessment are published. This approach produces a highly transparent dialog with the company’s customers and is useful in factoring lessons from the annual evaluation process into the company’s progressive approach.

Lyonnaise des Eaux made 12 new commitments for the period between 2012 and 2016, which extend the approach adopted since 2006 and guarantee the implementation of the Contract for Water Health that is offered to its local public customers. These 12 commitments are based on three goals: a reworked governance process, progress in water health innovation, and a business model focused on merging interests of each operator in the Water sector.