Technological solutions for the economic, environmental, and social needs of its customers

Degrémont, which shares its customers’ challenges in terms of competitiveness and longevity, is committed to technological and economic performance that respects both its stakeholders and the environment.
Its commitments focus on three areas:

  • Use shared challenges with customers and partners to strengthen the innovation and added value of its offers.
  • Commit to environmental protection: safeguard water resources and ensure health security by promoting the development and dissemination of eco-friendly technologies, especially in the areas of energy and water use, waste management and recovery, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; manage the risks, health and safety of people and facilities.
  • Develop the company’s employees by implementing tools internationally to identify and promote talent and to leverage know-how and diversity.

Degrémont has held the GoodCorporation TM certification since 2009. The renewal of this label year after year recognizes the comapny’s commitment to responsible practices vis-à-vis its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees), its contribution to environmental protection, and its involvement at the regional level.