Reporting and transparency

Every year, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT reports on its Sustainable Development Policy within its Reference Document and its Management Report of consolidated information as regards corporate social responsibility. This information is compliant with the United Nations Global Compact as well as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which assesses the degree to which the Group implements its guidelines on an annual basis. This information specifically covers all points required by Article 225 of the French Law of July 12, 2010, regarding the national commitment to the environment (known as the “Grenelle II” Law – Article R. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code) and by its application decree of April 24, 2012. It is also disclosed to all bodies mentioned in the previous section on “Governance and Steering.”

Aside from its obligations to certify the fairness of the information disclosed by an independent body, relating to the application of Article R. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT also entrusts this third-party with the task of checking several environmental and social indicators that are particularly relevant in view of its business activities. The methodology adopted to draw up the annual report and its verification is set out on p. 44 of this report.

GRI Indicators
4.8 — 4.16