Our convictions

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s CSR and Sustainable Development Policies are supported by a responsible view of a company’s performance that is financial as well as environmental, social, and societal.

Our goal is to implement a corporate model that creates many forms of value by offering our customers sustainable water and waste management solutions that improve their economic and environmental performance. We can achieve this goal by strengthening our responsibility as an employer, by contributing to the regional development of the locations in which we operate, and by adopting open governance methods that enable dialog and co-construction with our stakeholders. The transformation of the company’s model and its alignment with a green growth approach cannot be declared in force; they are progressively built over time by overcoming difficulties and resistance that unfailingly emerge. This is why we have aligned this work with a progressive approach: the Sustainable Development Roadmap provides the company with both a framework and a goal. By extending and boosting the initiative launched as part of the 2008-2012 Roadmap, we are making clear commitments that come with quantitative targets and specific indicators.

Our commitments cover topics that are environmental, social, and societal, and they are based on issues that are part of the Group’s global strategy and that have been created with stakeholders. They tackle challenges such as combating climate change and mitigating its impact, reducing pressure on natural resources, supporting the rapid growth of the global population and its urbanization thanks to resource management methods that are less energy-intensive and more aligned with a circular economic approach, protecting biodiversity, promoting access to essential services in developing and developed countries, involving the population in decisions, behaving in a more open way with stakeholders, sharing the value created, contributing to regional development, promoting diversity and supporting the evolution of our core activities.

Each commitment in the Roadmap comes with an action plan that expires at the end of 2016, so as to integrate the Sustainable Development Policy in the operational management of the Group and its subsidiaries. The targets to achieve by December 31, 2016, have been adjusted for each subsidiary, based upon on their situation at December 31, 2012.

We regularly assess the performance of the 12 commitments using indicators at the facility, contract, and consolidated Group level. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT publishes every year the state of progress of the 12 commitments, which enables to account for them and to adjust the related action plans.

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