Foster dialog and co-construct with stakeholders

Dialog and co-construction with stakeholders at the local and institutional level is a main prerequisite for the operational performance of our activities.

The Group identified dialog and co-construction as the No. 4 priority in its 2008-2012 Sustainable Development Policy, i.e. “Build our development with all stakeholders.” This commitment is repeated in Commitment No. 10 of the new 2012-2016 Sustainable Development Policy, as “Co-construct solutions and foster dialog with our stakeholders.”

To broaden its outlook, from 2004 to 2013, the Group facilitated the Foresight Advisory Council (FAC), a counselling and forecasting working group that consists of 23 independent figures of various nationalities, who are experts in environmental and development matters. The Group’s senior management presented its strategy, research, and initiatives to the members of the FAC twice a year. The experts discussed the issues freely before expressing their own recommendations.

Lastly, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT takes a structured approach to discuss issues with its stakeholders and organizes regular consultation meetings at all relevant levels to ensure that its corporate strategy matches the expectations of civil society. The Group has organized 7 stakeholder sessions since 2007, including over 30 external stakeholders from French and international civil society (organizations, universities, trade unions, public institutions, and rating agencies). The subsidiaries were also involved in this forward-looking review.

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