Ethics and governance

Four fundamental principles guide the behavior of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s employees: lawfulness, integrity, honesty, and respect.

The Group’s Ethics Charter is based on these four principles and is formalized by the publication of an Ethics Charter and its application guide, which have been translated into eight languages. This policy is subject to awareness-raising sessions and training programs to ensure that each employee takes ownership of the ethical approach.

The ethical commitment is embodied at the Group’s highest level, the Board of Directors. The Board’s Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee assists it with this issue, oversees the implementation of procedures and guidelines, and ensures that employees comply with the Group’s values. The General Secretariat’s role is to incorporate ethics into the Group’s aims, strategy, management, and practices. The Secretariat specifically ensures that the compliance systems required for managing the Group’s ethical risks are deployed and operate. It facilitates the Ethics Compliance Committee (which also includes the Director of Human Resources, the Legal Affairs Director, and the Group’s Internal Audit Director) as well as a global network of corporate ethics officers (1). These officers deploy the ethics system at the subsidiaries and implement the investigation resources required in the event of an ethics warning. They report to the Board of Directors or to their entity’s Supervisory Board on a regular basis. The various information items provided feed into the drafting of the Annual Report on Ethics presented by the Group Corporate Ethics’ Officer to the Chief Executive, the Management Committee, and the Board of Directors’ Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee. This report is also sent to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In addition, every year, the directors of each large subsidiary send a letter of ethical compliance to the Chief Executive Officers.

(1) – Compliance officers appointed in all first-tier subsidiaries.
GRI Indicators
4.8 — 4.12