Contribution of the annual reporting process to monitoring the goals in SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT's Roadmap

Once the data gathered have been processed, the environmental and employee data reports described above are used to determine traceability of the quantified indicators in the 2012-2016 Sustainable Development Roadmap, except for the eight indicators that are consolidated by the Group’s Planning and Control or Sustainable Development Departments.

Furthermore, and to the extent that the Sustainable Development Roadmap is the framework for a progressive approach, some of the indicators, which are accompanied by targets to be achieved in 2016 according to dedicated action plans, do not systematically cover all the businesses or the entire scope covered by the Group’s environmental and employee data reports. These restrictions on the consolidation scope have been indicated on a case-by-case basis in the chapters relating to each of the 12 Roadmap commitments. It should also be noted that, to allow comparison of the 2013 indicators in the new Roadmap, these were calculated according to the same definition and scope of consolidation as in 2012.

GRI Indicators