External controls and checks

Since the 2012 financial year, the external control work entrusted to the third-party independent body has been in keeping with the obligations of Article 225 of the French Law of 12 July 2010 regarding the national commitment to the environment (the so-called “Grenelle II Act,” Article R. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code), namely the following:

  • A certificate regarding the inclusion of all the information required by Article R. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code and its Application Decree of 24 April 2012 in the management report and the reference document
  • A reasoned opinion on the fairness of the information published in the management report and the registration document

Aside from these regulatory obligations, and in keeping with the previous work performed within the SUEZ Group and its business lines up until 2007, and subsequently within the SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Group, the Group contracted with its Statutory Auditors’ specialized departments for the checking of 14 environmental indicators and 14 employee data indicators, including a conclusion of reasonable assurance on 4 environmental indicators and 9 employee data indicators, which are set apart by special characters in the general indicator reporting table.

The nature of the work performed and the conclusions of the Statutory Auditors are available on p. 60 of this report.

GRI Indicators
2.9 — 3.1 — 3.13