Evaluation by Vigeo Rating

Evaluation of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT by non-financial ratings organisations

Vigeo is the leading European expert in the analysis, rating, audit and advisory services for organizations where their approaches, practices, and results relating to environmental, social, and governance, or “ESG” issues, are concerned.

The Group was assessed as part of the “Water and Waste Service Operators” category, and it obtained the highest rating in all categories except for “Corporate Governance.” It was ranked first in its category (which included seven companies in 2013) when it was first rated in 2011 and then again in 2013.

The Vigeo assessment in the six “ESG” categories covered the appropriateness of the policies implemented, the consistency of their roll-out, and the effectiveness of their results. The results of the 2013 assessment were as follows:

  • Regarding its impacts on environment, the Group’s performance was driven by its system to prevent environmental risks, which covers over 90% of its activities in the Water and Waste sectors. Furthermore, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT stood out due to its advanced performance in waste management and local pollution. However, the Group must make further progress in the management of water demand and energy consumption.
  • The Group’s performance in the social area was above the sector average. The resources allocated to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace, as well as the quality of social relations, were particularly highly rated.
  • The Group’s performance was also highly satisfactory in the field of human rights notably thanks to the formalization of a commitment to respect the freedom of association, the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, respect for human rights and the prevention of discrimination.
  • In the societal commitment field, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT remained above the sector average due to its ambitious commitments to promote access to water through effective resources that include a dedicated foundation and the transfer of know-how and technology in some countries.
  • The performance in the corporate governance area remained stable and within the sector average, even though there is progress to be made, primarily in terms of the independence of the members of the Board of Directors and of the transparency of senior management’s compensation.
  • Performance in terms of behavior relating to tenders improved as a result of the training regarding corruption and competition rules in the European Union that was provided to managers. The Group also took effective and responsible measures where its lobbying activities are concerned (Vigeo noted the transparency and integrity of its lobbying practices, and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT was the only French company ranked among the top 10).
GRI Indicators
2.10 - 4.12