Evaluation by the Carbon Disclosure Project

Evaluation of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT by non-financial ratings organisations

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organization that works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the sustainable use of water by companies and cities at the global level. Over 10 years ago, the CDP pioneered the only reporting system for companies that enabled them to report their environmental impact and to share with investors their strategies for adapting to climate change.

In 2013, the CDP asked over 5,000 companies throughout the world to report on their data relating to climate change.

Eighty-one percent of the 500 global companies with the largest stock market capitalizations (Global 500) made a commitment with the CDP to measure their carbon footprint and their initiatives to combat climate change.

The Group improved its rating in 2013, both in terms of disclosure (88 in 2013 compared with 84 in 2012) and in terms of performance (B in 2013 compared with C in 2012). The disclosure rating assesses the transparency and the publication of information relating to managing climate change within a company. The performance rating assesses the positive action taken by the company in terms of mitigation, adaptation, and transparency and enables investors to gain a better understanding of how the issue of carbon is managed by the company. With these ratings, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT achieved a score that was higher than the global and French averages.

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