Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Evaluation of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT by non-financial ratings organisations

The DJSI, which was created in 1999, is the sustainable investment index that the company S&P Dow Jones Indices created in partnership with RobecoSAM (an asset manager specializing in responsible investment). Based on RobecoSAM’s expertise, the DJSI selects the companies that have the best sustainable development performance from among the 2,500 largest global companies by stock market capitalization.

The DJSI includes over 300 international companies, the top 10% of socially responsible companies, which represent 59 industries in 30 different countries.

Since its creation in 2009, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has been included in the DJSI. With a score of 80% in 2013, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT was the leading company in its category for the second year running.

In early 2014, RobecoSAM released its “Sustainability Yearbook 2014,” a report that presents companies recognized as sustainability leaders in each of the 59 industries listed. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT was among the companies selected and received the gold medal for the second consecutive year.

Environmental dimension
In 2013, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT obtained the highest rating in the industry for its environmental dimension, which was specifically driven by the quality of its reporting process. The Group’s climate policy presents further opportunities for progress.

Economic dimension
The Group’s score on its economic dimension was well above the industry average. Items relating to the management of its business and the quality of its operations in the Water sector obtained higher scores, while its corporate governance and supplier chain management scores were slightly lower. The Group maintained an excellent rating for its scorecard and measurement systems.

Social dimension
On its social dimension, the Group’s score was 29 points above the industry average, although there is still room to improve in the areas relating to HSE and attracting talent. The management of human capital improved significantly between 2012 and 2013.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s ranking in the DJSI index in 2013

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s ranking in the DJSI index in 2013
GRI Indicators
2.10 — 4.12