Reporting methodology

The preparation of environmental and social reporting relies on a rigorous methodology that allows performance indicators to be defined, disseminated and fixed, and quantified data to be collected and calculated.

Collecting information on the ground

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT applies precise procedures and instructions to gather the necessary data for preparing its reports. To collect useful data for its environmental report, the Group uses an IT solution developed by GDF SUEZ in co-operation with the company Enablon. This application can be used to:

  • manage and document the reporting scope,
  • enter, verify and consolidate performance indicators,
  • publish reports,
  • make available or produce the necessary documentation for collecting data and verifying the information uploaded.

For its social reporting, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT relies on a network of 220 employees around the world. They collect and check their entity’s indicators every quarter. Data from over 400 companies is uploaded in this way.

Consolidating and checking data internally

Once all useful information has been collected, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT consolidates and scrupulously checks it, following a strict procedure. Social reporting data is consolidated by the subsidiaries and by the Group’s Human Resources Department according to precise criteria. It passes through a number of internal stages to ensure strict accuracy, then is checked for consistency and is analysed to see how the performance indicators have changed over time. For environmental reporting, the consolidation rules are set out in technical documents that provide methodological guidelines for calculating certain indicators.


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