Work together to ensure health and safety at work

As people are at the core of the company and constitute its main and most essential asset, we have given our employees’ health and safety top priority in our social policy. In this area, we have set objectives which are amongst the most ambitious of all of the companies in the water and waste sectors – including the zero fatal accident liability objective, regardless of the status of the person (employed, temporary, subcontractor, third party).


We are committed to working constantly to improve health and safety at work through a voluntary policy of hazard reduction, thanks to the development of training programmes dedicated to occupational injury prevention and through the active involvement of all management staff in the launch, implementation and monitoring of the health and safety policy. The results in this fi eld are taken into account in the managers’ performance appraisals.


Quantitative objectives

  • By 2016 reduce the frequency rate of work-related accidents in the Water activities to 5, and to 15 in the Waste activities; locally, achieve the best results in our activity sectors.
  • Reduce the accident severity rate by at least 10%.

Progress objectives

  • Boost and systematise health and safety visits on the ground involving members of the management staff of the subsidiaries.
  • Increase the consideration of accidents involving temporary staff within the reports.
  • Constantly improve the quality of life at work.
  • Reduce the absenteeism rate.