Act for equal opportunities

  • Employment of disabled people at SUEZ environnement

    1,451 people with disabilities were employed at SUEZ environnement at the end of 2012.

  • In 2013, SUEZ environnement named TOP EMPLOYER for the second year running

    SUEZ environnement has once again, in 2013, been named TOP EMPLOYER in France from among 46 participating companies.



With a presence in over 70 countries and activities deeply rooted locally, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a diverse group by nature. Our subsidiaries aim to ensure their employees reflect the diversity of societies in all the regions in which they operate.


This mentality is made a reality through a human resources policy which takes equal opportunities into consideration as a boost to the company’s overall performance.

To that end, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is committed to fighting against all forms of discrimination in recruitment and working relations, and promoting a professional environment which allows each person, regardless of their differences, to fulfi ll their potential and contribute to the company’s objectives. The Group is also committed to increasing diversity in its workforce, to develop employment of disabled people and boost senior employment. The actions undertaken in all these areas form part of a programme lasting several years, established by the Diversity and Social Development department.

The Group also takes action for the professional integration of young people through the development of apprenticeships and off course training within the company, and promotes the integration of the longterm unemployed, by creating dedicated structures and developing welfare subcontracting with key players in the social economy.


Quantitative objective

  • Achieve a level of 30% of women in managerial roles in the Group by 2016.

Progress objectives

  • Increase the number of women in management positions in the Group and its subsidiaries.
  • Develop employability through apprenticeship schemes.
  • Obtain the “Diversity” Label in France.
  • Increase the rates of hiring employees over the age of 55 and keeping them in employment.