Principles of organisation

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has established an appropriate organization to ensure the implementation of actions for Sustainable development within the Group.

The Group’s Sustainable Development policy is established and managed by the following entities:



1. The Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee

The Ethics and Sustainable Development Commitee is set up by the Board of Directors (lien see Principles of action).

2. The Sustainable Development steering committee

It consists of the Group’s Sustainable Development department, the operational departments and the Sustainable Development correspondents in the main subsidiaries of the Group.

It prepares Sustainable Development action plans, ensures coordination between the operational departments and the subsidiaries, and carries out a periodic review of the progress made in the Sustainable Development policy. It validates approaches and actions proposed by the Group’s Sustainable Development department.

3. The Group’s Sustainable Development department

It proposes Group Sustainable Development policies and strategies to General management. Its role is to:

  • encourage and coordinate the Sustainable Development action plans of the operational teams and subsidiaries to homogenise performance of the Group’s time-specific and quantified objectives;
  • launch new policies to respond to emerging opportunities and risks;
  • manage the relationship with auditors and ratings agencies, and participate in conferences and represent the Group at various forums;
  • report on internal and external performance;
  • train and inform the employees of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT on the risks and opportunities generated by the Sustainable Development concerns of our stakeholders.

4. Sustainable Development correspondents in subsidiaries

The Sustainable Development policy is implemented through a network of correspondents in the operational entities and teams of the subsidiaries and central services of the Group. Setting performance objectives is based on the hierarchical scale of those responsible for subsidiaries.