Principles of action


Formalised through a Charter for ethics and a Practical guide, four fundamental principles guide the behaviour of our employees, who are committed to:

  • acting in accordance with the law and regulations,
  • establishing a culture of integrity,
  • demonstrating loyalty and honesty,
  • respecting others.

Furthermore, at the Group level, we have set up procedures of transparent and responsible governance. Thus, among the four committees attached to the Board of Directors, an Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee, chaired by an independent director, monitors compliance with the individual and Group values on which the Group’s action is based, and the rules of conduct that each of its employees must apply. These refer explicitly to the specific responsibilities of the Group with regard to protecting the environment and Sustainable Development.

The Group implemented an internal code of conduct concerning responsible lobbying. It also plans to reinforce all employees’ awareness of its ethical rules especially including through the continuation of training programmes and increased ethical reporting.


SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT raises awareness in its subsidiaries everywhere in the world to ensure that human rights are respected in operating units and on suppliers’ premises, in accordance with international rights and standards. We have intensified the training of employees in these topics. The Group also carries out internal assessments within its subsidiaries.


SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT reports on the results of its Sustainable Development policy by publishing consolidated data, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative  and Global Compact, with a view to gradually achieving a level of reliability equivalent to that of the financial data. The Group regularly reports back on the progress of its actions in committees of independent experts (notably the Foresight Advisory Council), and submits its Sustainable Development policy to a panel of stakeholders for advice and enhancement. 


The ethical rules and Sustainable Development commitments of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT are fully consistent with the principles that the Group commits to respecting by adhering to the following charters:

  • Universal declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and Additional pacts,
  • International Labour Standards agreements,
  • Guiding principles of the OECD for multinational companies,
  • United Nations Convention against corruption,
  • United Nations Global Compact.