Jean-Louis Chaussade's book about the key water issues is out in bookshops!

Vital element and common good supposed to be accessible to all, water may yet become the next years a scarce resource.

To meet this challenge and face a changing world, Jean-Louis Chaussade offers through his book "Le XXIème siècle, le siècle de l'eau ?" practical solutions that invite individuals, farmers, industrialists and politicians to rally in Europe and worldwide.

At the heart of this book published by Nouveaux Débats Publics, three main factors include guidance on the construction of a new model of water management:

  • awareness of the need to mobilize huge investments,
  • gather expertise to create a new collective intelligence,
  • innovate, both in the techniques in creating new services.

See the video interview of Jean-Louis Chaussade on Waterblog SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT (in french only)

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