COP22: SUEZ is committed to limiting global warming

From 7 to 18 November 2016, SUEZ will be in Marrakesh for COP 22. The Group will present its initiatives, take part in debates and continue the discussion on resource recovery that was launched in Paris.

Particular focus will be given to water, with the aim of creating both global and local solutions (particularly in Morocco), and will raise awareness among the general public of the urgent need to preserve water resources, particularly in Africa.

Oceans, cities and habitats, and carbon pricing are just some of the themes that will be discussed at SUEZ events.

SUEZ at COP 22 – many days of events on the agenda

Good to know: On Wednesday 9 November, SUEZ is organising a special day on the topic of water. Meetings with social entrepreneurs will be held, alongside talks from specialists.

SUEZ, committed to the climate!

Hélène Valade, Sustainable Development Director at SUEZ and President of Plateforme RSE, believes that SUEZ is more committed than ever: working to limit its clients' greenhouse gas emissions, measuring its carbon footprint, moving to a 'climate-responsible' economic model, developing the circular economy, protecting resources, mobilising other companies, sharing best practices, and more.

However, another priority challenge is emerging: water.

'A lot was said about energy during COP 21, and too little about the consequences of global warming on water resources,' she said in an interview with Mediatico (french only). SUEZ has decided to focus its efforts on developing an 'alternative water market', giving a second life to waste water and re-treated water. The aim is to triple the volume of these water types in the short term to address the challenges of water stress, which is also an issue in certain regions of France, says Hélène Valade, who is a firm believer in the 'idea of businesses contributing to sustainable development goals''.


Focus : SUEZ's carbon pricing initiative and its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint

The SUEZ Group's activities have a net positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The Group advocates for a credible carbon price to reduce polluting practices, implement truly climate-responsible models, and facilitate the switch from a linear economy to a circular economy.

The SUEZ Group's activities worldwide generated 8.2 MtCO2e in 2015, and enabled its clients to avoid 9.2 MtCO2e through the manufacture of recycled products, green energy and alternative fuels.

As part of its 12 climate commitments, the Group has set itself the target of including a carbon price in its capital investment and R&D decisions.

Find out more: what is COP 22?

This year's COP will focus on taking action and implementing the decisions made during the previous conference, which took place in Paris (the Paris Agreement). Discussions and measures to limit global temperature increase by 2100 to two degrees and to seek out solutions to adapt at a national level will retain a central role.

A UN initiative, COP 22 will once again bring together 197 signatory parties (196 countries + the EU), helping them to combat global warming.

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