COP 22 in key figures

From 7 till 18 November 2016, SUEZ was in Marrakesh within the framework of the COP 22.

What is the challenge of COP22?

COP22 should form part of the action to implement the different axes defined in the Paris Agreement, particularly those concerning adaptation, transparency, technology transfer, mitigation and the strengthening of capacities

COP 22, it was...

  • 4 objectives

- To put in place concrete actions to address the focus areas defined in the Paris Agreement,

- To become involved in other low carbon sectors and benefit from the associated opportunities for growth,

- To be a voice for the most vulnerable countries: the African countries and the island states,

- To find universalism in the face of climate change.

  • 11 days of discussions around climate change, more specifically stakes in the African continent
  • 197 "parties" are participating (196 states + the European Union)
  • 1 day dedicated to water, on 9 November 2016: initiated by SUEZ, the "COP22’s official Action Day for Water" highlights the strategic importance of this resource within the context of climate change

COP 22 also allowed the Group to remind its “climate” commitments

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