Multidisciplinary studies and engineering

For over 60 years, SAFEGE has been putting its engineering skills to work for communities, local authorities, public service delegated companies and private and industrial customers. It focuses on four core businesses: water and hydraulic infrastructures, environment and waste, urban and transport infrastructures, and energy.

From the “greater water cycle” to the sustainable city

A leading player in the sustainable management of cities and regions, SAFEGE has unique experience in designing innovative solutions that respond to contemporary water management issues. SAFEGE helps customers around the world to select management options and design infrastructure at all stages of their projects: project management assistance, research, project management, technical assistance, training and audits.

800 engineers and 120 experts produce highly complex studies and master plans; they also design and supervise the construction of hundreds of large-scale hydraulic structures worldwide each year. These include pumps, transfers, treatment plants, reservoirs, networks, dikes, dams and port facilities.

Since 2007 SAFEGE has also been committed to developing operational oceanography through its subsidiary Actimar. This innovative activity provides real-time information anywhere in the world on conditions at sea for various customers: oil suppliers, offshore wind operators, and ferry or shipping companies.

Key 2012 figures

    • €112 million in revenues
    • 1,400 employees, of whom 60% are engineers and 30% are technicians and designers
    • 43 local branches in France and more than 20 permanent facilities throughout the world

Recognised know-how, expanding operations

SAFEGE won numerous international contracts in 2010. There are many large-scale infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. As a result, long-term installations have been opened in Lebanon, Oman and Macedonia. SAFEGE’s acquisition and equity investment in two engineering firms in Poland and India have also helped to supplement its skills and capabilities in booming markets.

In 2011, SAFEGE created a “Territories, Cities and Transportation” operation to expand its expertise in urban planning. Urban mobility is a major challenge for governments seeking increased environmental performance. This operation brings together urban planners, architects, engineers and transport experts.