1-5/06/2014: 2 posters from SCIP Water Research Centre (SWRc) were selected and  presented at the Singapore international Water Week. These introduce pretreatment processes to remove cyanide and nitro-aromatics in petrochemicals wastewater.

06/12/2013: SWRc held its annual conference, announcing new partnerships with higher Chinese universities, which aim to jointly explore advanced technologies for water and wastewater, in industrial and municipal environments

06/2013: SWRc concludes a pilot trial on the pre-treatment of cyanide-rich wastewater from a major SCIP industrialist

03/2013: SWRc has built a self-contained biological pilot plant to conduct a large-scale study on the treatment of specific industrial wastewater

03/2013: SWRc obtains a utility patent for a chemical process treating industrial wastewater polluted with acrylonitrile