3 questions for… John Leader, Project Director – HR Development

Is there are an “expert-specific” HR policy in place within SUEZ?

The company does indeed apply a specific policy designed to help experts, allowing their contributions to be valued and their support and development within the Group to be improved. This policy is based on close cooperation between the Human Resources Department and the technical departments of our business lines. Its primary goal is to identify experts. At any given time, it allows us to have a good overview of the expertise within the company, to identify any possible shortcomings in terms of skills within certain fields and subsequently to take appropriate preventive measures. This identification approach is the first step in a personalised support programme that notably includes experts attending training programmes so as to develop their skills in non-technical areas (leadership, communication, mentoring, etc.).

To date, 585 experts from within our business lines have been identified.

What are the qualities and attributes that an expert must possess to join the Group?

Our experts share a few key traits:

  • They possess expertise that represents a competitive advantage for SUEZ.
  • They can call upon this expertise independently in complex and uncertain environments.
  • They are capable of training employees and sharing their know-how.
  • They know how to bring about changes in their field through the design of new tools, the development of new approaches or the broadening of fields of application.
  • They will ultimately be recognised as a leader in their field(s) and be capable of acting as an ambassador for SUEZ in their speciality.

Why have an expert-specific HR policy?

Because SUEZ’s expertise in its water and waste services business lines is an essential cog in its performance and development. It is a strategic asset and a competitive advantage that we absolutely need to value and strengthen. As such, SUEZ has a duty to offer its experts the means to grow and build attractive careers. That is the goal behind our HR policy; one that places an emphasis on supporting experts and that has already been in place for several years. It is imperative for our Group to motivate its experts to enter into their activities for the long term but also to attract young talent to our business.