Focus on SUEZ's experts

Over 400 researchers and technicians work at SUEZ’s Research and Expertise Centres in Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai. Find out more about the men and women that contribute to develop the innovative solutions of today and tomorrow, solutions to optimise resources, further develop waste recovery and ensure sustainable access to resources for everyone. Here’s the interview.


The SUEZ’s experts all meet the following five key criteria:

  • They specialise in a highly focused area of research that offers the Group a competitive advantage.
  • They adapt solutions to all contexts.
  • They are capable of communicating their knowledge.
  • They innovate by implementing new strategies, thereby continuously developing their field of expertise.
  • They are recognised as leaders in their specialist fields, speaking regularly at conferences or publishing their research in scientific articles.

A global network of research centers

Pooling expertise resources, sharing best practices & Technology Watch


…ranges from providing direct technical assistance to operational teams in the field to implementing cutting-edge research programmes for the Group’s future solutions, expertise and technologies.

Experience the daily life of an expert and discover, through images, the rich and varied role of Patricia Camacho, a research engineer at CIRSEE.


The different areas in which the Group’s experts are currently working across the various Research and Expertise Centres are: alternative water resources (i.e. aquifer recharge, wastewater reuse, and desalination), the treatments of water (such as drinking water production and process water for industry), wastewater treatment (environmental impacts, energy recovery and odours), water distribution networks (including leak management and smart networks), stormwater management (water harvesting and recovery, managing the impact of floods, etc.), drinking water quality analysis (including sanitary risk management, quality control, and sensors), waste recovery (energy recovery, plastic recycling, etc.), industrial water (including treatment and production for the oil and gas sector ), and economic and social aspects of water cycle management (i.e. consumption forecasting).

To increase performance even further, a number of projects are under way in partnership with more than 30 recognized scientific and technological bodies, including universities (the University of Bordeaux in France, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain, and the University of Illinois, USA) and competitiveness clusters, such as Axelera (environmental chemistry), Vitagora (water taste) and Advancity (urban issues and mobility). These partnerships allow the Group to take advantage of its research and innovation efforts, while benefiting from the collaboration of hundreds of the best international research teams.

The Group’s presence in professional associations like WSSTP (Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform), IWA (International Water Association) allows it to influence the international strategic agendas.

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