Meet the experts

Through this folder, discover the SUEZ experts and follow them at the heart of Expertise and research centers located in France, in Spain but also in China or the United States. Who are they ? What are their missions? How do you become an expert? How they deliver their expertise? The answers are here.

  • Over 400 researchers and technicians work at SUEZ’s Research and Expertise Centres in Paris, Bordeaux, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai. Find out more about the men and women that contribute to develop the innovative solutions of today and tomorrow, solutions to optimise resources, further develop waste recovery and ensure sustainable access to resources for everyone. Here’s the interview.

  • SUEZ invites you to explore these five centres, located across the globe, and learn more about the areas of expertise and research at CIRSEE, its experts and technological platforms.

  • Bruno Barillon is a R&D Manager at the CIRSEE Treatment and Recovery Centre, who talks with us about the wastewater plant of tomorrow. Meeting.

  • 3 questions for… John Leader, Project Director – HR Development about the HR policy in place within SUEZ.