11/08/2014: LyRE participates as a partner in project SAMOSS on the design of new opto-chemical sensors

11/08/2014: project REGARD, in which LyRE is a partner, is one of 13 projects selected by ONEMA on the analysis of micropollutants in urban wastewater

16-18/05/2014: LyRE participates in “Science Hack Day Bordeaux” under the “Open Bidouille Camp

19-20/03/2014: LyRE participates in SHF / ASTEE Symposium at the University of Bordeaux on the theme: “Optimizing the management of sanitation systems for the protection of the aquatic environment”

03/04/2014: LyRE and the Aquitaine Region are Aquitaine Europe Communication’s partners for “Bacalab”, a workshop on new activities and skills in data management in the service of the Aquitaine coast