18/06/2014: Valentina LAZAROVA (Project Manager in water reuse, CIRSEE) recipient of the Medal of Innovation 2014 of CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research), received her decoration from Benoît HAMON, the French Minister of Higher Education and Research

16-18/06/2014: At the 6th International PhD Seminar on Water & Health, held in Cannes (France), The SUEZ ENVIRONMENT Award was attributed to Maryse Um, from the Veterinary School of Toulouse (France) for her work on the transmission of resistance to antibiotics in wastewater treatment plants receiving effluents from slaughterhouses

22/05/2014SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT will participate in the ASTEE (Association Scientifique et Technique pour l’Eau et l’Environnement) congress on 4 to 6 May in Orléans, France with a presentation on the NOSE mobile treatment of odors

07/05/2014: SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT participates in the WASTE 2014 Conference on 6 to 8 May, Coffs Harbour (Australia) with a presentation entitled “On The NOSE – A Global Approach To Odour Management”

28/04/2014: SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, via the CIRSEE, will participate to the European Algae Biomass congress, on the topic: Algae as an effective tool for wastewater treatment, on 6 & 7 May 2014 in Sevilla, Spain