ISI for you™

ISI for you™, web platform to improve the performance of your property

Manage and optimize the performance of your property

You are a public or private property manager. You wish to optimize the management of the property and environmental performance of your building by notably reducing energy consumption and improving the quality in service.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT offers a customized web platform based around four functions: asset management, environmental management, technical control of buildings and equipment and supervision of the services to occupants. ISI for you™ is a modular solution, which also constitutes a platform for exchange between the different parties linked to the property to contact one another.



E@syTech, a solution integrating the ISI for you® innovation

Ocea Smart Building, a subsidiary of Lyonnaise des Eaux (SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT), in partnership with BNP Paribas REPM, the leader in business real estate, has developed an innovative solution for a smarter use of buildings. E@sytech is the centerpiece of the relationship between owners, tenants and service providers. It is an interactive solution which centralizes all the services necessary for an efficient real estate management.