Innovations and tangible projects to...

  • Research and Innovation at the heart of the strategy of SUEZ

    "Meeting the expectations of our clients' market with efficient, innovative and differentiating offers whilst anticipating future needs"


Research is one of the mainstays of SUEZ’s strategy. It enables the Group and its BUs to offer innovative products and services to meet market expectations and to anticipate our clients’ future needs. In order to meet the main challenges of sustainable development, the Group relies, amongst others, on the work of its experts and researchers in the different research and development centres (R&D). In 2013[1] the Group filed 33 new patents and around 50 new trademarks.

For several years now, SUEZ has changed its governance in R&D with a view to optimising its innovation and value creation. Our R&D programmes are directly related to market expectations and market developments. Each programme is comprised of projects which are managed under a stage and gate system with validation steps so as to ensure that they are coherent and relevant to the future needs of our clients. A combination of innovation and R&D is becoming a genuine differentiating factor serving local authorities and industrials. SUEZ makes every effort to create a working environment conducive to innovation.



Besides the major risks related to health and the environment, the Group’s work in research aims at resolving issues related to sustainable development and at accompanying our clients in order to:


[1] Patents are filed not only under the name of SUEZ but also under the names of its BUs. They are filed in the country of origin and are then subject to a request made under the Patent Cooperation Treaty to be extended into national patents.