08/04/2014: at the 4th Green Process Engineering Conférence, which takes place in Sevilla, from 7 to 10 April 2014, Paul-Joël Derian gives a plenary lecture on “Technology and Process Innovation for the Environment Industry”

26/03/2014: As a partner of the platform developed by CEA-Liten for printed electronics and sensors, Ondeo Systems participated in the 4th meeting on printed electronics, which took place in Paris

25/03/2014: official launch of the ELSA-PACT industrial chair, which aims to improve enterprises’ competitiveness through ecological and social transition, and of which SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a founding partner

21/03/2014: find on SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT TV an educational video detailing the challenges relating to micorpollutants in water

11/03/2014: through CETaqua (for LIFE project Greenlysis) and Aqualogy (for the project on Continuous Thermal Hydrolysis), SUEZ ENVIRONEMENT has been distinguished by IWA’s Project Innovation Awards (Europe and Western Asia): the award ceremony will take place on June 25, 2014 in Brussels

10-12/03/2014: Aqualogy, sponsor of World Water-Tech Investment Summit 2014 on accelerating the adoption of new technologies in the municipal and industrial markets, to be held in London on 10-12 March 2014

11/02/2014: United WERCs makes a presentation to the National Association of Regulated Utility Commissioners in Washington DC. with an aim towards showing how research can help us to prepare for pending regulations

03/02/2014: SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT launches the call for applications for the annual seminar for Ph.D. students in the Water & Health field, to be held in Cannes from 16 to 18 June
Contact: Jean-François LORET

01/02/2014: New ClearGreen pilot installed in Hyperion wastewater treatment plant in California; this plant feeds wastewater to the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo

24/01/2014: SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, via the CIRSEE, will report the final results of the research project ARMISTIQ on micro-pollutants present in wastewater and wastewater treatment sludge, that will take place on February 6th in Villeurbanne

15/01/2014: United WERCs is conducting a Water Research Foundation project on localized security enhancements to protect drinking water quality at large public events. It was used during the 2014 Super Bowl, which was held on 02/02/2014

18/12/2013: Blue Orange nominated for the second time in the Top100 of Corporate Ventures (among 1,100 companies in the world) by Global Corporate Venturing

06/12/2013: SWRc held its annual conference, announcing new partnerships with higher Chinese universities, which aim to jointly explore advanced technologies for water and wastewater, in industrial and municipal environments

29/11/2013: CARBIOS and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT sign a preliminary agreement for a future collaboration to optimize the recovery of plastic waste

27/11/2013: Jean-François CAILLARD, VP Innovation at SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, participates in the workshop “The reform of the capital – investment of companies: advantages and inconveniences” organized in Paris by PME Finance

19/11/2013: GDF SUEZ and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT launch Cit’Ease™, the first ever global and interactive dashboard for local authorities

11/01/2013: Nadine LESLIE, President of United Water’s Environmental Services, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Water Reuse Research Foundation