Industrial water treatment

Degrémont Industry federates all of Degrémont’s industrial activities. From water resources through discharge, our expertise, technological solutions and services span the entire industrial water cycle

Optimising water cycle management in industry

Industries have varying water needs in terms of quality and quantity. From water resources to discharge into the natural environment, Degrémont Industry offers solutions adapted to the specific requirements of its business customers:

      • Water resource management
      • Raw water processing
      • Process water supply
      • Wastewater treatment
      • Sludge and by-product recovery

Key figures for 2012 

    • 1,100 employees 
    • 70 years of experience in understanding your specific needs
    • 5,000 industrial sites equipped with water treatment systems
    • 1,800 process water production plants built
    • 2,200 wastewater treatment plants built
    • 200 current operation and services contracts
    • Capacity to treat over 50 million m³ of water a year with our mobile water treatment units

With a footprint covering Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East, Degrémont Industry is a global player delivering solutions to help its customers in industry meet their specific challenges and thereby:

      • Guarantee the continuity of industrial production
      • Control risks, costs and investments and increase productivity
      • Optimise water and energy consumption
      • Reduce environmental impacts


Improving customer performance

Today, industrial companies are confronted with new water and environmental challenges.Working at your side, Degrémont Industry is committed to delivering the most appropriate solutions to improve the economic and environmental performance of its customers in the petroleum, petrochemical, power and mining markets

Innovation is at the heart of Degrémont Industry’ corporate strategy :

      • Ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.
      • Combine competitiveness with environmental performance.
      • Ensure industrial water and process water supply
      • Protect resources and recover by-products