How it works

The Fond’s resources

The fonds SUEZ initiatives is an endowment fund with an annual budget of 4 million euros par year.

The Fonds provides direct or indirect financial support and/or technical skills, via skills-based sponsorship and volunteer work by Group pesonnel.

The Fund sometimes initiates projects and events itself, with other qualified actors. The “SUEZ- ParisTech “Water For All” Chair” and the SUEZ Initiatives – Institut de France Award are examples of this.

The fonds SUEZ initiatives provides rigorous monitoring of the projects it supports: regular meetings with partners, transfers of funds subject to project progress, etc.

Driven by the need for sustainable results, the Fund’s operating model favours co-constructing projects with the partners and beneficiaries.


Requests for support and financing for projects promoting access to essential services and integration can be received at any time during the year, but they are treated according to the following calendar:

  • Projects received by 31/10 can be presented to the Board in April, depending on their assessment status (see below).
  • Projects received by 30/04  can be presented to the Board in October, depending on their assessment status (see below).

The project progresses

1. Applications are received into the Fonds Initiatives’s mailbox:

2. The Fonds Initiative team pre-selects applications in accordance with the selection criteria.

3. Applications are then passed on to internal Group evaluators for an opinion. These evaluators are chosen by the Fonds Initiative team, according to their individual’s area of specialisation.

4. The projects are selected by the April or the October Managing Board.

5. For the projects selected, partnership agreement is signed with the retained project leaders.

6. The selected projects are supported and monitored by the project referee and by the Fond’s team.