Improving access to essential services for vulnerable population groups in the developing world

The fonds SUEZ initiatives supports projects for the development of access to essential services like drinking water, sanitation and waste management, trough partnerships with international solidarity organisations and specialized institutions in all countries.

This support consists of a financial contribution in the form of a grant, as well as a contribution of skills to a project, depending on the needs identified and drawing on the know-how of the SUEZ Group.

Furthermore, the fonds SUEZ initiatives supports humanitarian and emergency operations through Aquassistance. Aquassistance, which was founded in 1994, is the international solidarity organisation for SUEZ employees, who volunteer to help vulnerable population groups in the water, sanitation and waste management sectors.


In France, the Fonds SUEZ initiatives supports projects aiming to integrate the most vulnerable populations. Our partner associations are fighting exclusion on all fronts: training, housing, employment, language, status…


Building capacities and disseminating know-how

By implementing specific training courses and networking stakeholders, the fonds SUEZ initiatives is investing heavily contribute towards increasing the professionalism of water, sanitation, waste water treatment and waste management services.

The Fund is continuing its commitment to the ParisTech “SUEZ environnement Water for All” Chair, initiated in 2008 by the Water for All Foundation in partnership with, AgroParis Tech and MinesParisTech. Created within the context of this Chair, and based in Montpellier, the International Executive Masters programme, known as the “OpT” Masters, is aimed at urban drinking water and sanitation service managers in developing countries and is designed to build their managerial and technical capacities.