The management board is chaired by Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ.

The management board defines the strategy, adopts the budget and sets the timetable of activities for the Fund.

It meets twice a year to select projects to receive the Fund’s support from a list of pre-assessed projects.

It comprises a maximum of 12 members, each elected for a 3-year term: representatives of the Group’s Management Committee and of the subsidiaries that contribute to the fonds SUEZ initiatives, plus a number of independent members.

It decides whether to support the projects submitted to it once it has assessed them.


As internal members:

  • Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE – Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ, fonds SUEZ initiatives’ Chairman
  • Jean-Marc BOURSIER – Senior Executive Vice President in charge of the Waste Activity in Europe of SUEZ, Chief Executive Officer of R&R France
  • Bertrand CAMUS – Deputy CEO Water Europe, SUEZ
  • Dominique PIN, Arts et Manufactures Engineer
  • Marie-Ange DEBON – Deputy CEO in charge of International Business, SUEZ
  • Frédérique RAOULT – Sustainable Development and Communication Executive Vice President of SUEZ

As external members:

  • Jean-Marc BORELLO – Executive Director of Groupe SOS, Chairman of the Board
  • Bernard GUIRKINGER – Vice-President of Institut Pasteur, regional delegate of Groupe SOS
  • Marie TRELLU KANE – Co-founder and President, UNIS-CITE, Advisor to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council


The Bureau

The Bureau of the fonds SUEZ initiatives takes decisions regarding the day-to-day running of the Fund. It approves and selects the projects that it intends to submit or present to the Management Board.

Members of the Bureau :

Jean-Louis CHAUSSADE, fonds SUEZ initiatives’ Bureau chairman

Bernard GUIRKINGER, fonds SUEZ initiatives’ Bureau vice-chairman

Frédérique RAOULT, fonds SUEZ initiatives’ Bureau vice-chairman



This body makes investment policy and Fund strategy proposals to the management board. It is headed by Jean-Marc BOURSIER, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Finance of SUEZ, and Marie-Ange DEBON, Senior Executive Vice President in charge of the International Activity of SUEZ.


The Fonds Initiative team

The fonds SUEZ initiatives, managed by Myriam BINCAILLE, its Managing Director, pre-selects the applications and submits them to internal assessors for their approval. The team ensures the Fund’s operational management and implements the decisions of the Management Board and the Bureau. It manages relations with partners, coordinates the management and monitoring of the selected projects and organises communication actions.


The evaluators and referees

The Fonds Initiatives team relies on experts and qualified individuals from within the Group to evaluate the requests it receives and, depending on the project, to provide additional monitoring. These people make their expertise and skills available, in order to approve the projects submitted to the Management Board or to the Bureau.

They are the preferred contact points for each project.