the increasing scarcity of natural resources is a challenge that motivates us and will engage future generations

In the face of global challenges and an ever changing world, the SUEZ Group strives daily to deliver essential life services, to protect water resources, and to treat and recover waste; and thus support our customers by providing innovative solutions.

In this developing world, where natural resources are limited, we must promote a more rational use of natural resources, as rapid urbanisation and a growing population mean we will need to optimise our use of resources and reduce our consumption of raw materials.=

Consequently our strategy consists of promoting an effective and sustainable management of resources and of developing the production of new resources to anticipate demand.

Our development is based on our commitment and ambition to:

  • implement our green growth vision by implementing priorities associated with innovation, talent and co-construction
  • preserve our unique selling point through the development of our employees, the enhancement of local human resources and a culture of diversity
  • innovate in a collaborative manner to make innovation a driving force of industrial excellence
  • implement new solutions to develop alternative water resources
  • transform waste into secondary raw materials and create new sources of energy
  • support industries in the optimisation of their resources
  • support local authorities in developping together sustainable societies, smart cities that can address the new challenges of managing ressources