Aquassistance employee organisation

A humanitarian organisation created in 1994, Aquassistance is made up of volunteer employees from SUEZ. It offers water, environmental and waste assistance to disadvantaged populations, providing them with the skills of its members and material resources.

EXPERT Volunteer employeeS

Millions of people around the world suffer from water and environmental problems. This organisation was created to offer assistance on the ground to people in need by providing services and the appropriate material resources.

The organisation is designed to act whenever water and environmental experts are required for development, emergencies or reconstruction after a crisis. Longstanding concerns are given priority, including those requiring an emergency response.

Support for development

Teams of volunteers travel worldwide. They initially assess the context and needs to determine what supplies are required for the project. They then monitor the work as it unfolds until the equipment is turned over to the community. For all projects, volunteers strive to transfer their know-how to the local people and governmental authorities as part of the business activities performed by the Group.


Assistance to people in crisis situations

 Aquassistance responds in countries faced with major natural disasters:

In 2005: following the tsunami in Sumatra, teams installed mobile drinking water production stations to supply the inhabitants of the cities of Banda Aceh and Sigi.

In 2008: after the Sichuan earthquake in China, teams installed 4 water treatment stations.

In 2008: after the hurricane in Gonaïves in Haïti, teams hauled in 5 tonnes of equipment to meet the population’s water needs.

In 2010: after the earthquake in Port au Prince, teams installed 5 water treatment units. After the floods in Pakistan, teams installed 3 water treatment units.

In 2011: as part of the reconstruction programme after the earthquake in Haiti, teams installed pumping systems and rehabilitated several pieces of water distrubution equipment.