Oceans and awarness

Tackling coastal and ocean pollution

Oceans, which are a source of water, heat, and oxygen, are essential to life. However, they face a number of threats causing some concern, from overfishing to climate disruption and pollution. Experts in the water and waste industries, in conjunction with all their stakeholders, have an important role to play in protecting oceans and coastal areas. In this report, discover how SUEZ and its partners are committed to protecting our oceans and tackling micro and macro-waste, both out at sea and onshore.

  • Julian Barbière is Chief of Section for Marine Policy, UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

  • Patrick Deixonne is an Explorer Navigator, head of mission for the 7th Continent Expedition, a member of the French Society of Explorers, and an activist for plastic-free oceans.

  • Covering around 71% of the earth’s surface, oceans play a major role in how our planet functions. They regulate the climate, store CO2 and also represent an indispensable asset for mankind. Food, medicine, cosmetics, raw materials, renewable energy sources, jobs… they provide us with so many benefits. At the very heart of our existence and yet incessantly abused – pollution, overfishing, acidification, global warming – the oceans are a resource which needs to be preserved to ensure the future of humanity.

  • Discover our infography about the treasures of oceans.

  • Sustainable resource management experts have a major role to play in combatting marine pollution and preserving coastal regions. Find out about some of the concrete solutions that SUEZ has developed to protect our oceans.