Sponsorship and partnership commitments

SUEZ participates in the life of the community and reinforces its local roots through its sponsorships and partnerships. The Group acts as a corporate citizen and encourages initiatives related to communities, culture, the environment and biodiversity as well as social responsibility and economic-social integration.

Community and cultural development

Through sponsorships and partnerships, SUEZ promotes communities’ socio-economic development, cultural awareness and access for all, and the integration of disadvantaged youth.
Developing access to culture


Environment and biodiversity

As a company engaged in sustainable development, SUEZ supports projects promoting protection of the environment and biodiversity as well as public awareness of this issue.
Preserving ecosystems and biodiversity

Social responsibility and economic integration

Through the SUEZ initiatives fund and Aquassistance, an organisation of employee volunteers, the Group supports humanitarian and social responsibility projects in areas such as emergency assistance, sanitation and hygiene.

The SUEZ initiatives fund carries out projects promoting access to water, sanitation and waste management in developing countries. In France, as a first step, it is supporting skills development, integration and employment.
Supporting development projects

Created in 1994, the purpose of Aquassistance, the organisation of employee humanitarian volunteers, is to provide assistance to disadvantaged populations in the areas of water, sanitation and waste management.
Promoting responsible initiatives